Panel on Future of Personalized News

Thanks to all who attended the Hacks/Hackers meetup on the Future of Personalized News! I’ll be writing more about the event in a separate post — things got a bit heated at times and there was some good debate about how to ensure quality content survives in the aggregation age. The archived livestream is below, and here’s a written summary on Google Buzz by Abe Epton of Google News. (thanks Abe!)

Photos from the event are here. (Thanks to Todd Lappin for helping with this!)

And here are Tweets from the event.

  • Adriano Farano

    Congratulations guys for your brilliant idea. We are looking at it from Europe too with much interest!
    I would like to know whether there is a short written or video sum-up of the panel on personalized news or maybe a couple of links you can provide to go through this fascinating issue.
    P.S. My thoughts on how I-Pad could represent a chance for this here in a comment on Nieman Lab

  • burtherman

    Thanks Adriano!

    Here's a post with some more of what came out of the event:

  • items promotional

    Very nice event and a successful one. Those are some very brilliant ideas indeed. I'm loving the photos, keep up the good work and will very much follow you on Twitter.


  • corporate gift

    great event for the community,