Come for the ONA conference, stay for the hacking

Hacks/Hackers is hosting a hackathon in conjunction with the annual Online News Association conference that is being held Oct. 28-30 this year in Washington DC. We’re calling it Hacks/Hackers/Hacking.

With all the journalistic and Web talent gathered in one place, this will be an amazing chance for people to work together aside from the usual newsroom rush. We also want to draw people from across the DC technology and media community.

We’ll be getting together around the start of the conference on Thursday to pitch ideas and form teams. You’ll be able to work on your projects as possible over the course of the conference. Then, after the formal end of the conference, we’ll stick around Sunday for a last-minute sprint to wrap up projects and hold a demo session with judges. Food for the day will be provided and we’ll also have prizes.

Daylife, a platform for building news applications, is sponsoring Hacks/Hackers/Hacking.

Register now at See you there!