Buenos Aires Demo Day on June 8, followed by Hackathon @ Rosario on June 15-16

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The second meeting of Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires – Demo Day will take place on June 8, and will be followed a week later on June 15 and 16 by our first hackathon in Rosario, which is located 300 kilometers from Buenos Aires, as part ofthe 4th International Forum on Digital Journalism Rosario.

We hope to have a good turnout at both, as in  the first meeting of Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires we gathered about 140 professionals, including editors, journalists and major developers and started projects and proposals.

Here is the info below.

Demo Day
Wednesday, 8 June 6.30 pm Areatres Palermo Hollywood, Humboldt 2036, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This time we will have the special presence of German Malte Spitz, a Green Party member of his country, who along with the media outlets Zeit Online made an impressive journalistic application data provided by Deutsche Telekom, which monitors six months of the activism. In addition, presentations will feature the Social Metrix enterprise dedicated to monitoring semantic social networks and traditional media, The Real Time Argentina, which measures impact on the Internet in real time, GroovinAds, which uses artificial intelligence to the journalistic content, which show useful tools for the media, especially in an election year in Argentina. We will also show progress of the project of mapping data through the testimonies, arguments and judgments of the military dictatorship. And we will announce new international meetings and visits that will occur this year.

Rosario hackathon
On 15 and 16 June in Osde Foundation Auditorium, Bv Orono 949, Rosario, 3rd floor.

Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires – with Mozilla Argentina — will participate in the Fourth International Forum on Digital Journalism Rosario, where theorists and most prestigious publishers of digital media world will merge. Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires will present its proposal on Wednesday 15 at 11 am and the next day (Thursday 16) will have one hour to present the results.

Among the international speakers who will be in Rosario is the communicator and journalist Carlos Serrano, Colombia, Espinosa Christian journalist specializing in new media and journalism on mobile devices, Alejandro Rost of Comodoro Rivadavia, Mario Tascon of Spain Volcano prodigious director and teacher of FNPI and graduated in social communication Dardo Ceballos de Rosario.

In Rosario we will do the hackathon in two teams: one dedicated to using the new HTML5 video tag for an element of video link with other information on the web. The other line of work that we propose will have to do with the challenge of geolocation and mapping data. The challenge is to demonstrate how any public document can be geo-localized, referenced, standardized. After a day and a half of work, the results of the work of Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires will be presented to the public in the Digital Journalism Forum at Rosario.

Organizers: Mariano Blejman (Página/12), Martin Sarsale (Sumavisos), Cesar Miquel (Easytech), Guillermo Movia (Mozilla Argentina) and Mariana Berruezo  (C Estudio).

We have the support of Mozilla Foundation, Globant, La Nación and AreaTres.

Twitter: @HacksHackersBA
E-mail: ba (at) hackshackers (dot) com
Web: http://meetupba.hackshackers.com
Official Blog: http://www.hackshackers.com

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