Storify in Buenos Aires! Applications to tell stories. Pre and post hacks.

At the upcoming meeting of Hacks/Hackers of Buenos Aires, we will be joined by Xavier Damman, the co-founder of, a site that is changing the way we tell stories in the media and through social networks. Damman is an entrepreneur based in San Francisco, passionate about new media and democracy, and the founder of At the meeting, we will also announce two upcoming meetings, one on Big Data and the other on Google Fusion Tables. There will also be time for journalists, programmers and entrepreneurs interesting in developing new ideas to showcase their projects and proposals.

Many thanks to Geeks on a Plane for giving us the opportunity to bring Xavier Damman to Buenos Aires all the way from San Francisco. We invite them to participate in other GOAP activities.

Why do we do this?
Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires is an open and collaborative space, always ready to receive proposals. If you have ideas that you think could be stimulated by the more than 600 people registered, come to the next meetup or write to Journalists, programmers, designers, entrepreneurs and anyone else who would like to participate in meetings or hackathons are always welcome.

Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires has held 11 meetings: four meetups in Buenos Aires (with between 100 and 150 attendees), two conferences and five hackathons. One hackathon took place in Rosario, where the group worked on an interactive application in HTML5 for audiovisual coverage of the 4th Forum of Digital Journalism. The other was a superhackathon in Technopolis, where attendees worked on the project, an automatic-extraction software for documents, currently under development. We participated in the International Conference on Free Software in the National Library, gave a virtual Conference for the New Iberoamerican Journalism Foundation, and recently developed the “Hack election in real time” together with Andy Tow, on local elections in Argentina that had a strong national impact. We conducted a hackathon on “The ages of the web” at the Failure Factory, and we just had a hackathon on ShowTimeLine! We hold about one event per month.

The Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires team is made up of Mariano Blejman, Martín Sarsale, Guillermo Movia, Mariana Berruezo, César Miquel, Esequiel  Clerici, Sergio Sorín and Andrés Snitcofsky. English edition: Jess Weiss.

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