Big data: extract and analize large volumes of data

Working with large volumes of data lets us view events previously unimaginable. There are 900 million people connected on Facebook, hundred of taxis operating in real time, unexpected events tracked on Twitter and terabytes of e-mails moving from one continent to another.

For our next meetup, Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires will go into the Big Data Studio at Globant to learn and share experiences related to a branch that is changing the way we tell stories: data visualization. Throughout the meeting, we will be in virtual contact with the interactive team of The New York Times to learn how they work with complex visualizations.

In addition to a demonstration and workshop by Gabriel Praino, VP of Technology at Globant, and a presentation by, Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires invites those working with large volumes of data to attend the meeting and showcase their projects.

We are also planning a hackathon on mapping visualization for the end of August.
We will provide more details at the next meetup. Stay tuned.

Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires is an open and collaborative space. If you have ideas that you think would interest and stimulate the more than 680 registered members of our group, come to the next meet up or write us at Those interested in helping with the organization of meetings and hackathons are always welcome.

Forward this to your colleagues, bosses and friends, and anyone else who might be interested. Tweet with #hhba, post on Facebook or your blog, and write about Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires if you’ve been part of our events in the past. If you have photos or comments, post them! Let’s try to create a buzz in advance of the next meetup.

What has Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires been up to?

Since April 2011, Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires organized 12 events: five meetups (of between 100 and 150 attendees each), two conferences, and five hackathons. As part of Rosario’s 4th Forum of Digital Journalism, we worked on an interactive application in HTML5 to conduct audiovisual coverage. At a superhackathon in Tecnópolis, we worked on the project, which is software that allows for automatic extraction from documents. The software is currently in development.

We participated in the International Conference of Free Software in the National Library, gave a virtual conference to the New Iberoamerican Journalism Foundation, and developed “Hack election in real time” with Andy Tow, which had a national impact. We worked on a hackathon about “the ages of the web” in Fábrica de Fallas (Fault Factory), and a hackathon about timelines, called ShowTimeLine!

Additionally, dozens of entrepreneurs have come to us to share their ideas: Real Time Argentina, SocialMetrix, GroovinAds, Junar, Storify, Dave McClure, Qué Pasa Riachuelo, Andrew Leimdorfer of BBC News Interactive, Zenzey, Fundación Huesped, Greenpeace,, Malte Spitz (Zeit On Line app), Malvinas30, Atlas Electoral, Mapa76, Marita Verón, OpenSignalMaps, and more.

The Hacks/Hackers Buenos Aires team is comprised of: Mariano Blejman, Martín Sarsale, Guillermo Movia, Mariana Berruezo, César Miquel, Ezequiel Clerici, Sergio Sorín and Andrés Snitcofsky. English edition Jess Weiss.

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