Hacks/Hackers New Delhi: New markets, new models

Hacks/Hackers New Delhi first meetup
Hacks/Hackers New Delhi, the first Hacks/Hackers chapter in India, launched Dec. 5. About 50 journalists, techies and supporters came by What’s Up Bharat, in Hauz Khas Village to talk about the challenges of combining media and technology in India.

Nikhil Pahwa (@nixxin), founder and publisher of digital analysis site MediaNama, said he’s looking for people to take a closer look at ways to organize big data. He also suggested creating tools that can track the evolution of stories and ideas in real-time.

Kushan Mitra speaks to Hacks/Hackers New DelhiKushan Mitra (@kushanmitra), managing editor of digital coordination and new projects at the Pioneer, led a conversation about the need for new revenue models in the digital media space, particularly in the Indian context.

Narendra Nag speaks to Hacks/Hackers New DelhiAnd Narendra Nag (@narendranag), general manager of 2020Social, talked about his experiences as a hack/hacker for the past 10 years, and the fact that both journos and techies have a lot of learn from each other’s different viewpoints.

Narendra Nag speaks to Hacks/Hackers New Delhi
The crowd asked questions, enjoyed free pizza and cheap beer, and decided to throw a hackathon sometime in January. A few journalists asked for more workshops in coding and tech skills, and a lot of attendees were interested in a session on how to better understand Indian consumers’ digital behavior.

A good conversation and a great launch event that was also covered in The Sunday Guardian (New Delhi). For more info, check out this article.

Interested in Hacks/Hackers New Delhi? Sign up for the meetup or email NewDelhi@hackshackers.com. The event was sponsored by What’s Up Bharat and the Google Developer Group, New Delhi.
Narendra Nag speaks to Hacks/Hackers New Delhi