New Orleans becomes a hackathon hub

Greetings, hacks and hackers! It was a packed week last week for Hacks/Hackers chapters, with Caracas launching its own two-day Data Party, Singapore building tools together and Philadelphia taking a peep at some awesome National Geographic projects.

Plus, New Orleans‘ first hackathon generated so much interest among journos, coders and others in the area it looks like the beginning of a beautiful series of hackathons in the Gulf region. Organizer Samantha Sunne wrote about the hackathon and the cool projects it brought into the world for the Hacks/Hackers website. Check it out:

The week ahead:

Chapter spotlight:

New Orleans, which launched six months ago, cut straight to chase and held a hackathon last weekend. Organizer Troy Thibodeaux said the event was great fun and a great success. “We were fortunate to have so many talented participants whose interests converged around issues important to our community: housing, recycling, safety, public services and wetlands preservation,” he said.

Organizer Samantha Sunne wrote roundup of the projects for the website.

Worth a read:

  • With elections coming up, newsrooms in France are partnering with Facebook and Google to fight fake news (FirstDraftNews)
  • Poynter offers tips on covering Trump-related issues in your community without making the coverage all about Trump (Poynter)
  • The BBC is funding 150 “local democracy reporters” at local newsrooms across the U.K. (Press Gazette)

Job openings:

Upcoming events:

  • February:
    • 11-12 – Amsterdam, Netherlands – Hackathon for Humanitarian Aid
    • 16-17 – Warsaw, Poland – #RockitWAW, a networking conference for digital communications professionals
    • 18-19 – Tucson, USA – News Hack Arizona
    • 24-26 – Boston, USA – MisinfoCon, a summit on misinformation
  • March:
    • 2-5 – Jacksonville, USA – National Institute of Computer-Assisted Reporting (NICAR) conference
    • 10-11 – Milan, Italy – Visualized Milan
    • 10-16 – Austin, USA – SXSW Interactive Festival
    • 15-16 – London, UK – The Guardian Changing Media Summit
    • 23 – Miami, USA – Journalists & Editors workshop on Mobile Media Culture in the Americas
    • 29-31 – Brussels, Belgium – RightsCon for a freer Internet
    • 31-1 – Tonsberg, Norway – SKUP conference for investigative reporters and editors in Norway
  • April:
    • 5-9 – Perugia, Italy – International Journalism Festival
    • 15-16 – Austin, USA – International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ)
  • May:
    • 1-4 – Jakarta, Indonesia – UNESCO’s conference for World Press Freedom Day
    • 4-6 – Galway, Ireland – MoJoCon Mobile Journalism Conference
    • 18-20 – Hamburg, Germany – International Press Institute congress on media freedom in the digital age
    • 18-21 – Mechelen, Belgium – Dataharvest, the European Investigative Journalism Conference