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Hackathon{YAN} 2012: winners are announced :)

Hackathon{YAN} 2012 is already over , winners are announced.

After working over their ideas for 24 hours on December 23, 37 teams presented their projects and prototypes of their ideas.

In total more than 130 people took part in the Hackathon[YAN] 2012, which was the second large scale hackathon in Armenia. The first Hackathon[YAN] took place in 2011.

Awards ceremony for the winners of Hackathon[YAN] 2012 took place on 26 December 2012.

The winners listed bellow got prizes and certificates from organizations that were in charge of Hackathon[YAN] 2012.

  • Best Microsoft technology application:
    Game Kinect Air Combat takes the MD kinect for Windows and allows you to become a combat pilot on a mission to destroy the enemy.
  • Best Windows 8 application:
    A game named “Shelly” for tablets presented by the ApolloSoft: the fish Shelly is traveling in the ocean and overcoming a lot of obstacles.
  • Best Windows phone applications:
    An interactive application presented by s.a.k.u. RAI team, which is based on  the  well known “4 seasons” toy’s aesthetics. The application can be used both as a means of weather forecast and also as a desktop widget.A game presented by the Gardeners team, where the gardener is struggling against the pests in his garden.
  • Best Android applications:
    An entertaining game presented by the team Virtual Punch which is created by using the Augmented reality technology.SpiritSpanner, an old game “Where, With Whom, What are they doing, Who Comes, Who He Said” is turned into a fun application.
  • Best rural development mobile applications:
    The mTech team presented an application for rapid response connecting health institutions, health professionals with rural areas.Save Life team presented an application which gives an opportunity to collect data base and verified information on blood donors.
  • Best media project, the award is provided by Public Journalism Club with a sponsorship of Knight Mozilla OpenNews:
    TweetHood: TweetHood lets you see real-time tweets from anywhere in the world. You can explore you neighborhood of tweets or zoom into any place on the earth!Ever wondered what people in your neighborhood tweet about? People in your classroom, in your dorm, in your office, in the restaurant? Want to get a real-time feel of what is going on at your favorite conference you wished to be part of ? Enjoy the new way of discovering tweets based on Where rather than Who. (iOS& Android)

Encouraging awards were given to CyberGates, Appricot, Picture Coning, Hechhock teams from Sorsio Company.

Besides the money and other awards the best teams will get a unique opportunity to present their project to Bulgarian Eleven Accelerator venture fund, as well as to the potential investors and have business and technology advisory support from Microsoft Innovation Center and mLab ECA Regional laboratory for mobile solutions.

Hackathon[YAN] 2012 contest of innovative ideas and programming took place on 22-23 December 2012. 36 teams participated in it. During the 24-hour contest the teams developed their ideas and the demo versions of their solution/programme/application. On 23 December 2012 the teams represented the jury the outcome of their 24-hour work.

The members of the jury were:

Yeva Hyusyan, Microsoft Innovation Center, Director

Seda Muradyan, Head of Public Journalism Club

Karen Vardanyan, Union of Information Technology Enterprises, Executive director

Arsen Gevorgyan, Specific Features Localization LTD, Director

Artak Saroyan, “R&D Arts” Inc. Armenia,

Grigor Barseghyan, Microsoft RA, Director

Mariam Davtyan, MLab ECA Regional laboratory for mobile solutions, Project director

Hovhannes Avoyan, President of Soscio CJSC.

Hackathon[Yan] 2012 was organized by Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia, Microsoft RA, Enterprise Incubator Foundation, mLab ECA Regional laboratory for mobile solutions and Public Journalism Club. In 2011 Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia and Public Journalism Club organized the first Hackathon in Armenia. 32 teams took part in it.

Partners of the event: Soursio CJSC, Counterpart International Inc. Armenia, Yerevan Mathematical Machines Research Institute, GNC Alfa, Knight-Mozilla OpenNews.

 Hackathon[YAN] 2012 was implemented by the support of Counterpart International Inc Armenia.

The project was also supported by Knight-Mozilla OpenNews.

Information supporters of Hackathon[YAN] 2012 were http://panarmenian.net and http://ittrend.am/.

10 Days Left Until Hackathon[YAN] Yerevan 2011

10 Days Left Until Hackathon[YAN] Yerevan 2011

Public Journalism Club and Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia, the organizers of Hackathon[YAN] Yerevan contest which will take place on 17-18 December 2011, have received over 50 applications from teams willing to take part in the competition. 50 teams submitted projects that aim at solving the issues of Yerevan, Armenia’s capital.

Projects will be hacking issues related to health, transportation, education, environment, problems of disabled people living in the city and tourism. Hachathon [YAN] Yerevan 2011 is dedicated to solving the problems that Yerevan and city’s inhabitants deal with.

The result of this Hachathon is most likely to be the creation of a number of prototypes for ready-made projects that can be implemented not only by municipal government but also by the structures and circles focused on the city issues, as well as through active engagement of people.

Hackathon[YAN] Yerevan 2011 contest will start on 17 December and will last 24 hours. During the round-the-clock contest, the teams will have to develop and publicly present their programs, applications, mobile solutions and web sites or their prototypes/demo versions to the panel of judges.


  • Best project. Best project will receive a prize from Yerevan Town Hall.
  • Three best projects developed on the basis of Microsoft technology will receive cash prizes from Microsoft Innovation Center (1 million Armenian Drams= 2600 USD, 500, 000 Armenian Drams =1300 USD and 300,000 Armenian Drams = 755 USD respectively, which is about).
  • Three best mobile solutions will receive cash prizes (500,000 Armenian Drams = 1300 USD each) from Enterprise Incubator Foundation in Armenia.
  • Best social project will receive a cash prize of 350,000 Armenian Drams = 900 USD from Cronimet Charity Foundation. Best Media and Society project will receive an implementation grant from Alternative Resources in Media Programme.

Apart from the abovementioned prizes, the participating teams will also receive runner-up prizes and certificates from GNC Alfa Company, Public Journalism Club and Hacks/Hackers.

The panel of judges will have the right to dismiss the announcement of winners in several categories in case there are no projects complying with the terms and standards of the contest.

The deadline for submission of applications was 15 November 2011.

The organizers of the event have held over a dozen meetings with students, representatives of IT industry and public sector in universities presenting the Hackathon and helping interested applicants to form teams.

On November 30 and December 1, Karl Davies-Barrett, DPE technical Lead for CEE and Multi-Country, delivered workshop sessions designed specifically for the participants of Hackathon [YAN] Yerevan 2011 competition. Workshop sessions provided the teams with relevant knowledge on methodology of Microsoft cloud solutions software development as well as current trends and peculiarities of software development for Windows phones.

Purpose of Hackathon[YAN] Yerevan2011: To create an opportunity for creative and innovative people to collaboratively build programs aimed at resolving Yerevan’s issues; to build collaborative atmosphere for both programmers and other specialists for implementing innovative ideas and initiating social reforms; to encourage collaboration between representatives of the IT sector and other fields aimed at the implementation of projects and ideas serving the public interest. The contest is supported by Yerevan Town Hall, Microsoft, Counterpart International Representative Office in Armenia, Enterprise Incubator Foundation, leading telecommunications and information technology companies, media organizations. Media sponsors of Hackathon[YAN] Yerevan 2011 are PanarmenianNet Online News Publication and Arka News Agency.

Contact us if you want to learn more about Hackathon[YAN] Yerevan 2011 at info@pjc.am.