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HACKATHON [YAN] 2012 best 24 hours event in Armenia


Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. Eleanor Roosevelt.

Biggest hack event of Armenia will be a unique opportunity to discuss, invent and  implement  great ideas !!!!

Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia in cooperation with Microsoft RA, Enterprise Incubator Foundation, mLab Regional Mobile Application Laboratory for ECA, Sourcio CJSC and Public Journalism Club, announces a call for Hackathon [YAN] 2012 contest of programming and innovative ideas.


22-23 December 2012


Mergelyan Institute (Yerevan Mathematical Machines Research Institute, 3 Hakobyan Street, Yerevan, Armenia)

Have you  developed an application/game for Windows 8 or mobile phones,  do you have any innovative solution to address any concerning issue on any platform? If your answer is “Yes”, then participate in Hackathon[YAN] 2012 and implement your projects!

Within 24 hours, the teams consisted of programmers and non-programmers will develop the prototypes/demo versions of their programs, applications, mobile applications that will be assessed by the panel of experts.

If you can propose a burning issue in any sphere and suggest a technology-based solution to it, or you just have an innovative or interesting idea, this exciting competition will enable you not only to implement your idea, develop a mobile app that will be downloaded worldwide, but also to get valuable awards, funding and networking opportunities, and just enjoy an exciting environment.

Unlike the homonymous contest held last year when the topic was limited to proposition of solutions related to Yerevan, this year Hackathon [YAN] is open to any sphere without any limitations.

The application forms should be downloaded from www.mic.am and submitted online by sending it to apply@mic.am e-mail.  Submission deadline is 9 December 2012.

Hackathon[Yan] 2012 is organized by Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia, Microsoft RA, Enterprise Incubator Foundation, mLab ECA Regional laboratory for mobile solutions and Public Journalism Club. The event is held as part of the “Innovation through Technology” project – a public private partnership of MIC Armenia, Microsoft RA, USAID/Armenia, Government of Armenia, Enterprise Incubator Foundation (EIF), and State Engineering University of Armenia (SEUA).

Partners of the event:  Sourcio CJSC, Counterpart International Inc. Armenia, Yerevan Mathematical Machines Research Institute, GNC Alfa, Knight-Mozilla OpenNews.

The history of Hackathon[YAN]

 In 2011 Microsoft Innovation Center Armenia and Public Journalism Club organized the first Hackathon in Armenia. 32 teams and more than 150 participants took part in it. The presented programs were suggesting technological solutions to the problems of Yerevan. All the winning projects got financial awards, cooperation and funding opportunities. Two of the winning teams united and established BigBrain company which continues to work on new solutions on the basis of Kinect technology.www.citybugs.am website was launched and is now operating in cooperation with the Yerevan city hall, Information Flight mobile application project was transformed to MyNews Mobile and was implemented and launched before parliamentary elections. www.4car.am is including several ideas from Hackathon and was launched by the traffic police of RA in cooperation with Nikita mobile company.

How are we getting prepared? 

Before the Hackathon[YAN] the organizers will arrange a number of sessions with the applicants to ensure  participants are well aware of the contest process and terms, get familiar with the success stories of Hackathon[YAN] 2011, to assist them in designing and developing their projects and also help them establish connections with appropriate institutions and experts. We’ll also conduct several briefings and master classes.

Knight Fellows demo night @ Bay Area Hacks/Hackers

A Bay Area Hacks/Hackers demo night at Stanford previewed some of the journalistic innovations Knight Fellows are pursuing this year.

Knight Fellows are 20 journalists from around the world who spend an academic year at Stanford, exploring and testing their ideas for rethinking news and information. Five of the fellows gave demos of their work – which ranged from a mobile news tip and verification system to developing augmented reality news experiences.

Their work is part of a dramatic shift the Knight Fellowships has made in its program to meet the challenges facing journalism. Previously, the program offered fellows a sabbatical from the deadlines and pressures of a newsroom. The 2011 fellows are the second class to pursue projects focused on journalistic innovation, entrepreneurship or leadership with the intent of producing a wide variety of tangible results – from journalism start-ups to new approaches to newsgathering that can be deployed in existing media organizations.

Hacks/Hackers co-founder Burt Herman was a 2009 Knight Fellow.

Learn more about the fellows’ projects in this video by Knight Fellow Di Pinheiro: