Local Groups

Here are the local chapters that have started up so far. Others are in the works.

More chapters coming soon!

Want to start a chapter? Fill out this form.

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  • BethWellington

    So–why a tab with no content. Where are your chapters….New York? Boston? Maybe SF and Evanston?

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  • http://www.communitybandwidth.ca/ phillipadsmith

    Just a quick FYI, Burt: Toronto is in *Canada* not the United States (yet!). :-)


  • chr1s

    the seattle link doesn’t work.

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  • Rondomino

    There is a new chapter in Colorado battling over whether it will be a Boulder or Denver-based group. Also, I believe there is one in Minneapolis to add to the list, as well.

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  • http://www.mattbernius.com/ Matt Bernius

    Rochester (and Western/Central NY) is up and running and our first meeting will be January 18th. http://www.meetup.com/HackshackersROC/

  • Klint Finley

    Just created one in Portland, OR. Our first meetup is next week: www.meetup.com/HacksHackersPDX/

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Марина-Клинова/100001836754520 Марина Клинова

    Please add the new Minsk (Belarus) group to your chapter list. The first meetuo was 7 February and we see the great interest of the Belarusian journalists and IT-experts to such event and the community! Thank you! http://www.meetup.com/Hacks-Hackers-Minsk-Group/

  • http://www.soviet.com.ar Andres Snitcofsky

    Uruguay Chapter was just born, in the #dataBootCamp we held there.

  • maricarmen

    Please add the Asunción-Paraguay groups to your chapter list (Latin America) More info: http://www.meetup.com/HacksHackers-Asuncion/

  • Anna Kozáková

    Hi, could you please add Prague (Czech republic) to the list? The group started in April and we had our third Meetup last week. I’ve written a report from this event, would it be possible to publish it here on the global Hacks/Hackers website?

  • Shane

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  • http://www.philipnye.co.uk Philip Nye

    I’m not connected to them, but I believe there’s a group in Manchester (UK) who aren’t listed here.

    See http://www.meetup.com/HacksHackersMCR/

  • D. Watts

    Hey! So, the ACLU is looking at my case because it would appear there are some people doing things on my computer that shouldn’t be and it would appear these things are going on with either my local sheriff’s department’s blessings or right behind their backs…either way they refuse to help — have actually gone out of their way not to..and my new friends at the Civil Liberties Union seem to have it in for them because the last letter they sent asked alot of questions about my dealings with their detectives and asked next to nothing about the hacking…So if someone in the Tampa area would like to give me a hand documenting exactly what’s going on here I would love a hand (and I can pay you 100 bucks for your help ) Understand, i don’t want you to fix anything — I want it all to stay on the laptop …I would just like someone who understands what’s going on to explain it to me so I can more fully explain it to them…Understand that because this is all kind of sensetive right now I will expect you to prove who you are with some form of identification and I’ll probably ask you to come with me and sign some kind of contract at the notary…Plz respond with your info here or contact me @ dividable.watts@mail.com…The one thing I know for certain is they are using ADVAPI to connect to our computers

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