Global Open Call

The global open calls are a monthly conference call for Hacks/Hackers organizers and members to share details of current and upcoming events in the community, and to discuss the future of the Hacks/Hackers network. We hold these calls on the first Wednesday of every month. You can subscribe to the Google Calendar or find the dates below. Join the call online: UberConference Or call in: +1 (650) 250-4579 (International numbers can be found in the online conference room)

Hackathon Tips

As Hacks/Hackers chapters have gotten more experience running hackathons — eight and counting — we have compiled some of our experience into advice. Decisions, Decisions! Pick a theme. Mobile, New York City, geolocation? The more narrow a theme, the smaller a crowd you will likely attract. But you might be okay with that, because they will be focused. One-day or two-day hackathon? One day seems less intimidating and takes less resources, but you can get less done and the projects by their nature are more modest.

Local Grants for Misinformation Events

Thanks to the Mozilla Foundation and its efforts to fight misinformation on the web, Hacks/Hackers is offering small grants for local chapters to hold events related to misinformation. We will be distributing the grants as long as the funds are available, and we ask that you write a roundup of your event for the website. If you’re interested, fill out the application form below or email us with questions.


Do you want to make your own logo, or download the H/H global images? Download the logo templates here.


MisinfoCon is a global movement focused on building solutions to online trust, verification, fact checking, and reader experience in the interest of addressing misinformation in all of its forms. Summits It started as a large gathering at MIT in February 2017. That gathering brought together ambassadors from technology platforms, news organizations, as well as experts in social science, media literacy, policy, advocacy, cybersecurity and more. It was a summit, and also a “Creative Studio.

Start A Group

So you want to start a Hacks/Hackers chapter of your own? Welcome! To start a group under the Hacks/Hackers banner, we just have a few rules: Your primary goal must be to foster connections journalists (the “hacks”) and technologists (the “hackers”) to rethink the future of news and information. You can read more about Hacks/Hackers’ goals here. You must abide by the Hacks/Hackers Charter on respect, responsibility and collaboration. There can only be one group per city.

Suggested Meetups

Looking for some inspiration? Here are the most common meetups among Hacks/Hackers groups all over the world: Talk or Demo The most common meetup is one of the simplest: a single speaker walks the audience through a project, a concept or trend. It usually includes a Q&A and a demo or presentation. You’re going to want to find a bar or startup office with a screen projector and access to libations.

Tools and Tips for Organizers

Do you want to start a new chapter, join an existing group, or just get more involved in general? Fantastic! Here, we compiled a list of resources as well as some crowdsourced tips from other organizers. If you’re rebooting a chapter or starting a new one… Check out the rules and recommendations for new groups Read our list of suggested meetups Or Hacks/Hackers Africa’s list of potential meetups Erika Owens in Philadelphia published a list of suggestions for organizers Cindy Royal in Austin shared tips for a successful hackathon Download and customize official logos for your group Pose a question on the Google Group for organizers Try holding intermittent or quarterly events (quality over quantity!