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Apply for the Stanford Knight fellowship

Get ready, hacks and hackers! The year is wrapping up and the year-end roundups are on their way. It’s also your last week to apply for the Stanford JSK Fellowship. International applications are due December 4. You can open an application today then return to finish it later. Here's how to get started... — JSK Journalism Fellowships (@JSKstanford) November 21, 2019 It also means the Hacks/Hackers global call is coming up.

Dec 1, 2019

Managing is a function, leadership is a practice, plus more takeaways from SRCCONLEAD

Greetings, hacks and hackers! You may have seen conversations from #SRCCONLEAD floating across your timeline, as there were a lot of media leaders there, and they had a lot to share. You can find tons of leadership advice on the hashtag, or read transcriptions from the event itself. The week ahead: Brisbane is discussing digital journalism jobs Lagos, Benin and Abuja are talking about why data matters Worth a read:

Nov 24, 2019

Events still happening this year

Hello again, hacks and hackers! 2019 is slowly coming to a close, but it’s not too late to catch a media or tech event - that is, if you’re near Munich, Kyiv or Philadelphia. The full schedule for #SRCCONLEAD is out: And what do folks want to change in journalism leadership? You can check out a little preview here: — SRCCON (@SRCCON) November 11, 2019 SRCCON:LEAD, a News Impact Summit and a Conference on Investigative Journalism are all happening before the holiday break.

Nov 17, 2019

New jobs and events this month

Happy Sunday, hacks and hackers! We’ve got some interesting job postings this week. Do you consider yourself a Data Storyteller, a Creative Technologist Intern or an Editor of Experimental Storytelling? Then have we got jobs for you: Check out our new Creative Technologist Internship opportunities at!! Both spring and summer applicantions are open. — Max Lu (@maxlvhao) November 5, 2019 If you’re looking at leadership positions, too, SRCCON:LEAD is coming up next weekend.

Nov 10, 2019

Global call on Wednesday

Welcome to November, hacks and hackers! Don’t forget a new month means we have our monthly global call coming up this Wednesday… Happy weekend! What better time to submit session proposals and scholarship applications for WikiConference North America, both due Sept 20th (Sept 27th for academic submissions): #WikiConferenceNA — WikiConference NA (@WikiConNA) September 14, 2019 …and the North American WikiConference is next week. The week ahead: Brisbane is having their annual general meeting Worth a read:

Nov 3, 2019

Is it time for "smart podcasts"?

It’s a new week, hacks and hackers! This week, fellow news nerds are planning smart podcasts in Brisbane, Australia, and newsroom design systems in Zurich, Switzerland. This month—a week from today—we're talking podcasts and the future of digital audio with a panel of three really smart podcast people: @NanceHaxton, @JamesCridland and @awrd. RSVP here for your free dose of 🎧, 🗣, 🍕 & 🍺: — Hacks/Hackers BNE (@HacksHackersBNE) October 22, 2019 Also… are there any events you want fellow hacks and hackers to know about?

Oct 27, 2019

Three Nigeria meetups this week

Hi there, hacks and hackers! The Nigeria trio - Abuja, Benin and Lagos - are discussing why data matters in an upcoming triple meetup. There's still time to register for #MisinfoCon London, the 23rd of October during #MozFest House: — MisinfoCon (@misinfocon) October 10, 2019 Plus, if you’re in the London area, there’s still time to attend Hacks/Hackers’ event, MisinfoCon at this weekend’s MozFest. The week ahead: Abuja, Benin and Lagos are discussing why data matters Worth a read:

Oct 20, 2019

Submit ideas for the Computation + Journalism Symposium

Hello, hacks and hackers! The call for participation just opened up for the 2020 Computation + Journalism Symposium, which is taking place this coming March in Boston. Excited to share the call for participation for next year's Computation + Journalism Symposium: -- submissions due Dec 13th. — Nick Diakopoulos (@ndiakopoulos) September 18, 2019 And U.S. journalists and news orgs can apply to have a Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press attorney provide pro bono legal support as part of their Local Legal Initiative.

Oct 13, 2019

Events at MozFest later this month

Hello again, hacks and hackers! If you’re interested in the fight against misinformation, Hacks/Hackers is co-organizing an event at this year’s MozFest in London. Registration is open! Save your spot now in the third annual #MisinfoCon London, 23 October, in #MozFest House: — MisinfoCon (@misinfocon) September 20, 2019 There’s still time to register, or tell your friends. The week ahead: London is hosting a hackathon with Count Worth a read:

Oct 6, 2019

Registration is open for MisinfoCon London

Hello, hacks and hackers! Registration is now open for MisinfoCon London, a joint anti-misinformation project between Hacks/Hackers and Mozilla. It’ll take place the 23rd of October at the Royal Society for the Arts, as part of MozFest House. Registration is open! Save your spot now in the third annual #MisinfoCon London, 23 October, in #MozFest House: — MisinfoCon (@misinfocon) September 20, 2019 And don’t forget about our monthly global open call this Wednesday!

Sep 29, 2019