Hacks/Hackers reaches… 100 newsletters

Happy 100th, hacks and hackers! This newsletter has reached 100 issues, and we look forward to keeping everyone connected in the future. As a reminder, we also have a list serv for local organizers and a Slack channel for everybody. You can get an auto-invite to the Slack channel here. HackPack, which shares not only a similar name but similar goals and interests, has undertaken a survey to determine the costs and balances of freelancing in journalism.

Oct 15, 2017

Computation Journalism Symposium this week

Greetings, hacks and hackers! The Computation+Jounalism Symposium is happening this week, and if you haven’t registered, you can still follow along at #CJ2017: Hey, look! I'm going to talk about the work that @ndiakopoulos @_JAStark and I did on at — Daniel Trielli (@DanielTrielli) October 3, 2017 Plus: registration is now open for MisinfoCon at MozFest. Space is quite limited, so get on that soon if you’re planning to be at MozFest.

Oct 8, 2017

New events in October

Welcome to autumn, hacks and hackers! We’ve got new funding opportunities this month plus eight cool events, from the Computer + Journalism Symposium to the Interactive Conference. Plus, if you’re located in Africa, Hacks/Hackers and Code for Africa have opened applications for StoryLab Academy training: Journalism has evolved. Update your digital skills *free* at Apply: #StoryLabAcademy #ddj — Justin Arenstein (@justinarenstein) September 29, 2017 The week ahead:

Oct 1, 2017

105 groups around the world

Welcome, hacks and hackers! We now have 105 groups listed on the website, thanks to our newest, Havana: Plus we have renewed interest in starting chapters in the eastern and southern parts of Europe. Do you know any journos or hackers in Athens, Dusseldorf, or Belgrade? Let them know we’re looking for co-organizers. The week ahead: Manchester is discussing location-based storytelling Singapore is looking at beautiful data visualizations Brisbane is talking about business models for social media IRE is holding its regular weekly lab San Francisco is hosting a panel on truth and the media London is holding its September meetup Worth a read:

Sep 24, 2017

MisinfoCon meets MozFest

MisinfoCon, the Hacks/Hackers-Mozilla project that launched a conference last February, announced a second global event: MisinfoCon is back: We’ll see you at the Mozilla Festival in London! #mozfest #fakenews #misinfocon #literacy #data — MisinfoCon (@misinfocon) September 6, 2017 If you can’t make it, check out the calendar of other misinformation-related events happening around the world. Worth a read: Rasmus Kleis Nielson took a look at the makeup of the Future of Journalism conference - what exactly are people talking about?

Sep 17, 2017

It's time to Media Party

It’s that time again, hacks and hackers: time for the biggest party in the world. At least, in the Hacks/Hackers world. The HHBA Media Party will take place in Buenos Aires from Wednesday to Friday this week, with literally thousands of news nerds convening to hold discussions, workshops and hackathons to build the future of news in Latin America. You can follow their exploits at #hhba or #mediaparty: Te interesa la innovación en el periodismo?

Sep 10, 2017

Coming soon - the Media Party, Computation+Journalism Symposium and other events

Welcome to September, hacks and hackers! We’ve got half a dozen events lined up this month that may be of interest to news nerds. Top of the list is the Media Party in Buenos Aires, Hacks/Hackers’ biggest event: Media Party: No sabemos cómo va a ser el futuro, pero queremos crearlo juntos. #HHBA — Hacks Hackers Bs As (@HacksHackersBA) September 1, 2017 The Computation+Journalism Symposium, which takes place in October, announced its lineup of speakers, and recommends arranging travel and accommodation now:

Sep 1, 2017

An accounting of news nerds, and newsletters

Welcome to another newsletter, hacks and hackers. This newsletter, in fact, made it on the Lenfest Institute’s list of journalism weeklies to pay attention to. Check out the rest: #HacksHackers made the list of newsletters compiled by the @lenfestinst. Subscribe here: — Hacks/Hackers (@HacksHackers) August 25, 2017 OpenNews is undertaking a large effort to get in touch with digital- and innovation-facing journalists worldwide. A news nerd census, if you will.

Aug 27, 2017

Hacks/Hackers Africa grows to more than a dozen chapters

Happy Sunday, hacks and hackers! It’s going to be a full week for H/H groups, with meetups taking place from Rosario to Brisbane. Plus let’s give a warm welcome to Abuja, the newest group in the Hacks/Hackers Africa family! They held their first event Thursday in Ventures Park Abuja in Nigeria. Congrats to our newest Hacks/Hackers Africa Chapter, #HHABJ which launches today in Abuja, Nigeria. — Code For Africa (@Code4Africa) August 18, 2017 The week ahead:

Aug 20, 2017

Global conference for investigative journalists

Hello again, hacks and hackers! If you missed it, the only conference for investigative journalists worldwide announced its speakers this week: Do You Know: #GIJC17 speaker Marina Walker Guevara's investigations have won and shared 25+ national and intl awards — GIJN Africa (@gijnAfrica) August 9, 2017 The full schedule will be up soon. In the meantime, there’s still time to register for the Hacks/Hackers Media Party in Buenos Aires.

Aug 13, 2017