Looking towards the new year

Hope everyone had a good week, hacks and hackers! We have updated the Upcoming Events section with events from March through May. But January and February are as dry as the winter tundra. If you know of an event, share it on email or Twitter! Discounted tickets now available for newsrewired, the digital journalism and communications conference, 7 March 2018 - save 28% (¬£50) per ticket! — (@journalismnews) December 4, 2017 Worth a read:

Dec 17, 2017

A survey of civic tech, and other surveys

Happy Sunday, hacks and hackers! We’ve fixed a couple technical issues with the Hacks/Hackers email addresses - so if you want a, reply to this email to let us know. Also, Code for Africa is building an online platform for reuseable civic tech tools - do you know of any, or do you want to get involved? Join the effort here. The week ahead: Casablanca is finding new tools for storytelling Abuja is tackling fake news and fact-checking Miami is discussing the future of digital advertising IRE is holdings its regular open lab Worth a read:

Dec 10, 2017

December brings events in Kenya, Ecuador, UK

Welcome to December, hacks and hackers! A new month means a new global open call. If you’d like to know what’s going on at Hacks/Hackers, add the event to your calendar or contribute to the agenda. Hacks/Hackers chapters, meanwhile, are running at full speed, with meetups this week in Kenya, Ecuador, Singapore, the U.S. and the U.K. Check out these events and other news - like media development grants from the UN - below.

Dec 3, 2017


Happy Sunday, hacks and hackers! Today concludes the enormous Media Indaba event in South Africa, which you may remember from last year, when it was called Media Party Africa. Am loving the signage at #MediaIndaba, using irreverent humour to challenge media privilege / hubris. — Justin Arenstein (@justinarenstein) November 24, 2017 Do you know of any Hacks/Hackers-esque events coming up in January? Let us know, because with winter holidays coming up, our events list is starting to run dry.

Nov 26, 2017

Hacks/Hackers in Singapore, Berlin, Brisbane

Welcome back, hacks and hackers! This week we’ve got meetups in Australia, Singapore, Germany, the UK and more. If you want to keep up, remember you can subscribe to the Hacks/Hackers global calendar or check the website for new events: Are you hitting the conference circuit this summer? Lots of #HacksHackers-type events out there: — Hacks/Hackers (@HacksHackers) May 29, 2017 Don’t forget to read to the bottom for more events in South Africa, Brazil and Tunisia coming up later this month.

Nov 19, 2017

Calling for MisinfoCon contributions

Hi there, hacks and hackers. If you haven’t checked out MisinfoCon’s collection of essays, news and opinions on the misinformation problem, you might want to check it out here. We’re looking for more contributions, which can be an update on a project you’re working on, musings on a thorny issue, or anything else you think might fit - feel free to send us your suggestion here. Great tips from @lmneudert: 3 common myths about disinformation your newsroom should know https://t.

Nov 12, 2017

Remember, remember eight events for November

Hi, hacks and hackers! We’re setting up forwarded email accounts for So if you’re a local organizer: Would you like an email address for your group, like Hit reply on this email if you would like to set that up. The week ahead: * Seattle is discussing voice user interfaces * IRE is holdings its regular open lab * Mendoza is hosting an open government hackathon Worth a read: * Data journalism hackathons, to some extent, are catching on in Moscow and St.

Nov 5, 2017

Fighting fake news in Casablanca

Happy Sunday, hacks and hackers! And if you’re in a locale that celebrates it, Happy Halloween! And give a warm welcome to Hacks/Hackers Casablanca, which just held their first event last weekend, a workshop on how “fake news” spreads across the internet. Spread the word if you know anyone in Morocco. Welcome, #HacksHackers Casablanca! I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. — Hacks/Hackers (@HacksHackers) October 29, 2017 Worth a read:

Oct 29, 2017

New grants for local events

Hello again, hacks and hackers! We have some exciting news for you this week: Thanks to help from Mozilla, we are offering grants for local Hacks/Hackers chapters to hold events relating to misinformation. You can access the application form here. It’s very lightweight and so is the reimbursement process. If you’ve got any questions, feel free to reach out on Twitter or respond to this email. The week ahead:

Oct 22, 2017

Hacks/Hackers reaches… 100 newsletters

Happy 100th, hacks and hackers! This newsletter has reached 100 issues, and we look forward to keeping everyone connected in the future. As a reminder, we also have a list serv for local organizers and a Slack channel for everybody. You can get an auto-invite to the Slack channel here. HackPack, which shares not only a similar name but similar goals and interests, has undertaken a survey to determine the costs and balances of freelancing in journalism.

Oct 15, 2017