New logos and a New Orleans hackathon

Hope you had a good March, hacks and hackers! If you haven’t yet, check out the new H/H logos and make one for your local group. All you need is Photoshop, Illustrator or a free program and some elbow grease. Get ‘em while they’re hot! Check out our new logo, part of the new look for #HacksHackers: — HacksHackersNOLA (@HacksHackersNOL) March 23, 2017 The week ahead: Boston is holding a baseball hackathon as well as Conversations, a series on new frameworks for public discourse London will be discussing political bots, messenger bots, and interactive stories Brisbane is exploring The Algorithmic Life Philly is hosting lunch for remote workers Dublin is listening to an expert on data vis IRE is holding its regular weekly lab Chapter spotlight:

Mar 26, 2017

More content on the new website

Beware the ides of March, hacks and hackers! (Whatever that means.) In case you missed it, we launched a new website last week: Check out the new #HacksHackers website! — Hacks/Hackers (@HacksHackers) March 10, 2017 Check out the new #HacksHackers website! — Hacks/Hackers (@HacksHackers) March 10, 2017--- --- This week we’re adding and updating content, like a comprehensive list of groups and blog posts on the site’s development and layout.

Mar 18, 2017

A SXSW party and a new website!

It’s finally here, hacks and hackers: the new! We’ll be sharing some behind-the-scenes insights later on about our vision for the site, its development and the people who contributed. But for now, check out the updated directory of groups and the snazzy interactive layout. We’re launching it just in time for the Awesomest Journalism Party Ever, Sunday at SXSW. Come say hi to our site development team from Alley Interactive.

Mar 10, 2017

Under the hood of the new

If you just want to know how to contribute code or text, check out the Hack This Site documentation. If you’re curious about the design process, we’ll cover that soon in another post. If you want to learn more about how the site works, read on. This being Hacks/Hackers, an imperative for this site was the idea that anyone can “hack” it. In practice, this meant that we needed an architecture that lets anyone tinker with the site’s container (HTML templates, JavaScript, and CSS) as well as its content.

Mar 10, 2017

Your new look: crystal clear and cutting edge

Welcome to your new! The new site makes a lot of changes that community members have long been asking for, and is the result of months of collaborative work with Hacks/Hackers organizers and members from around the world. We’ve also got an updated logo that cleverly modernizes our visual identity. The site now includes: A resources page for organizers A directory of local groups A space for blog posts and community news A taxonomy system for finding local groups and topics An updated about page with our mission and history A style guide with the new design and logos Nearly 100 local groups making up Hacks/Hackers have inspired change and jumpstarted media innovation over the last seven years, but the website has been outdated for a while.

Mar 10, 2017

Farewell NICAR, hello SXSW

Hope you’re all resting after MisinfoCon and NICAR, hacks and hackers. Well stop resting on your laurels, because The Awesomest Journalism Party Ever (VII) is coming! Come party like a journalist with us in Texas! RSVP now for the Awesomest Journalism Party. Ever. VII. — Online News Assn. (@ONA) March 1, 2017 Hacks/Hackers and other illustrious orgs like ONA and Google News Lab are putting on an epic party at SXSW.

Mar 4, 2017

MisinfoCon starts today

Happy Friday, hacks and hackers! We hope to see you this weekend at MisinfoCon or next week at NICAR. If not, you can follow along at #MisinfoCon and #NICAR17. ICYMI yesterday: From saving democracy to enemies of the people, your weekly #MisinfoCon update & must-read articles — Phillip Smith (@phillipadsmith) February 21, 2017 In the meantime, Billy Penn and the Knight Foundation are putting together a mobile journalism playbook and they’d like your input.

Feb 24, 2017

See you at NICAR

Hello, hacks and hackers! We made it through Valentine’s Day (at least, those of us who live in countries that celebrate it) and we’re now less than a month from the popular NICAR conference. If you’re planning to go, join us for lunch in the hotel restaurant and catch up with organizers. Do you organize a local #HacksHackers chapter? Join us for lunch at #NICAR17: — Hacks/Hackers (@HacksHackers) February 6, 2017 The week ahead:

Feb 17, 2017

New Orleans becomes a hackathon hub

Greetings, hacks and hackers! It was a packed week last week for Hacks/Hackers chapters, with Caracas launching its own two-day Data Party, Singapore building tools together and Philadelphia taking a peep at some awesome National Geographic projects. Plus, New Orleans‘ first hackathon generated so much interest among journos, coders and others in the area it looks like the beginning of a beautiful series of hackathons in the Gulf region. Organizer Samantha Sunne wrote about the hackathon and the cool projects it brought into the world for the Hacks/Hackers website.

Feb 10, 2017

New Orleans kicks off hackathon series

By Samantha Sunne Hacks/Hackers New Orleans held its first hackathon this week, digging into dirty assessment data, partial wetlands maps, unanswered recycling questions and other problems just waiting to be solved. The organizers partnered with ONA, which also opened a New Orleans group last year. The HH Nola chapter has grown to almost 200 members since it launched about six months ago. “We were fortunate to have so many talented participants whose interests converged around issues important to our community,” organizer Troy Thibodeaux said.

Feb 9, 2017