MisinfoCon DC updates and journalismjobs

Hello again, hacks and hackers! We have some good updates for MisinfoCon DC: A tentative list of speakers will be announced soon Attendees will have free range of the Newseum during the conference Registration is almost full! Sign up now Friends in DC or thereabouts, I highly recommend putting #MIsinfocon on your calendar. I was at the first one in Boston and it was an AMAZING group of journalists, librarians & educators all nerding out on #fakenews solutions.

Jul 15, 2018

Global call this week will focus on MisinfoCon

Greetings, hacks and hackers! Once again, we have the global planning call this Wednesday and it’s open to everybody: We’ll be discussing MisinfoCon DC and a few other MisinfoCon items, but feel free to add your thoughts or questions to the agenda. Also - do you know of any journalism and/or tech-related events coming up this summer? Our list below is rather short, and we would love to feed it.

Jul 8, 2018

Global call postponed to July 11

Happy July, hacks and hackers! And happy 4th to those of you celebrating in the U.S. Due to the holiday, we will be postponing our monthly global call to the following Wednesday, the 11th of July. As always, feel free to join in as we discuss MisinfoCon DC, Slack and whatever else is on everyone’s minds. Worth a read: An outlet in Switzerland designed a personalized paywall using machine learning, and its creators say it has been phenomenally successful (DigiDay) A third of survey respondents said they would share a news story even if it was flagged as highly suspicious, according to a new study by Gallup and the Knight Foundation (NiemanLab) For better or worse, “journalism is becoming more sensitive to and powered by measurement,” a UM Amherst professor says (MediaShift) MediaShift: What Research on ‘Measurable Journalism’ Tells Us About Tech, Cultural Shifts in Digital Media https://t.

Jul 1, 2018

Filter bubbles, MisinfoCon DC and the World Cup

Greetings, hacks and hackers! In case you missed it, the next MisinfoCon will take place next month in Washington, D.C. #MisinfoCon 4.0 will be in Washington, D.C. Register now: — MisinfoCon (@misinfocon) June 18, 2018 Sign up soon if you plan to go. Meanwhile, there’s plenty afoot this week in Zurich, Vienna, Brisbane and Dar es Salaam. Happening this week: Brisbane is learning data journalism Miami and IRE are holding their regular open labs Zurich is hosting Alberto Cairo Lagos and Abuja are hosting meetups Vienna is hosting speakers and lightning talks Dar es Salaam is chatting about chat bots Worth a read:

Jun 25, 2018

MisinfoCon is coming to DC

Happy Sunday, hacks and hackers! We have some exciting news: The newest MisinfoCon will take place next month in Washington, D.C.: DC - get ready for @misinfocon DC August 6-7 at the @Newseum. @mozilla and others will host this event with a focus on policy and regulation around #misinformation and #disinformation. Registration is free but limited: — Cori Zarek (@corizarek) June 15, 2018 It’s coming up soon - August 6th and 7th - so reserve your spot soon.

Jun 18, 2018

Journalism jobs open all over the world

Greetings, hacks and hackers! In the mood for a life change? Journalism jobs are exploding all over the place! Scroll down for openings in India, Russia, the UK and elsewhere. Code for Africa is looking for a fantastic program manager to join its distributed team of data journalists, designers and developers. Full time #job in Nairobi or Cape Town. More info on the position and how to apply here: #ddj #design

Jun 10, 2018

Global call and opportunities for cutting-edge journalism

Welcome to June, hacks and hackers! As always, we’ve got our monthly call coming up next week: You can join via phone, online, or just contributing to the Google Doc. In the meantime, two new cool opportunities opened this month: IJNet is offering a mentorship program to media startups in the Middle East, and Journalism 360 is holding a competition for immersive journalism projects. The week ahead: Santiago is talking about urban mobility Miami and IRE are holding their regular open labs Johannesburg is attending the Duke Menell Media Exchange Rosario is planning hackathons for 2018 Worth a read:

Jun 3, 2018

MisinfoCon Kyiv this week

It’s the 27th, hacks and hackers! That means this week will see the third MisinfoCon convening in Kiev, Ukraine, on Tuesday and Wednesday: Join us at #MisinfoCon in Kyiv on May 29-30th. For more information go to: — Stop Fake (@StopFakingNews) April 26, 2018 You can follow along, as always, at the MisinfoConTwitter account or hashtag. And keep an eye out for more #MisinfoCon-related news soon. The week ahead:

May 27, 2018

Conferences in Europe and Asia this weekend

Happy Sunday, hacks and hackers! If you’re in Europe, you may have heard that the European investigative journalism symposium, also known as #Dataharvest, is taking place this weekend in Mechelen, Belgium. Schedule van #EIJC18 & #dataharvest bekijken en wenen. Te veel keuzes om te maken #iwantitall @IdesDebruyne — Andy Stevens (@Andhi) May 4, 2018 Meanwhile, the Asian-American Journalists Association is holding their N3 Conference over in Hong Kong, also called New.

May 20, 2018

Blockchain, podcasts and paid memberships

Apologies for the lateness, hacks and hackers! A scheduling mixup caused this issue of the newsletter to be delivered to some of you on Monday evening - and to some of you, in the middle of the night. If you’re wondering, you should be getting the Hacks/Hackers newsletter in your inbox every Sunday evening, no matter where you are in the world. It’s based on the location you gave when you first signed up for the newsletter.

May 14, 2018