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May 26, 2019

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Hi, hacks and hackers! Columbia University’s J-school partnered with the Google News Initiative Newsroom Leadership Program to create a free, year-long, part-time training program for newsroom leaders in the Asia-Pacific Region.

The deadline to apply for the program is June 26 and you can find more info about it here.

Happening this week:

Worth a read:

  • This tutorial shows how to use ipywidgets to add interactive dropdowns, sliders and more to Jupyter notebooks to create dynamic, user-facing dashboards for data collection and visualization (Medium)
  • Even if you haven’t touched Excel in years because you’re used to R or Python, it’s nice to remember your roots. Brant Houston wrote up a guide on eight Excel tools that do the math so you can focus on the story (GIJN)
  • Looking for datasets to test your machine learning program on? OpenData Science compiled a list of 25 free, clean machine learning open datasets to get you started. (ODSC)

Upcoming events:

Month Day City Country Event
May 27-28 Bonn Germany DW Global Media Forum
May 30-3 Nairobi Kenya DATA4CHANGE
June 1-3 Glasgow UK World News Media Conference
June 11-14 Tunis Tunisia RightsCon Tunis
June 13-15 Athens Greece GEN Summit
June 13-16 Houston US Investigative Reporters & Editors Conference
June 19-21 Cape Town South Africa Global Fact-Checking Summit
June 27-29 Sao Paulo Brazil 14th Abraji Conference
June 28-29 Bangkok Thailand Mobile Journalism Conference Asia
July 1-2 Malaga Spain European Data and Computational Journalism Conference
July 1-5 Lausanne Switzerland World Conference of Science Journalists
July 4-6 London UK Investigative Journalism Summer Conference
July 11-12 Minneapolis, MN US SRCCON
July 19-21 Toronto Canada International Conference on Social Media & Society
August 6-10 Accra Ghana PyCon Africa
September 12-14 New Orleans US Online News Association Conference
September 26-29 Hamburg Germany Global Investigative Journalist Conference
October 4 Cambridge, MA US Workshop on Disinformation at Harvard
October 4-5 London UK Conference for Truth and Trust Online
October 28-30 Johannesburg South Africa African Investigative Journalism Conference

Job openings:

Location Employer Opening
China Oriental Press Group Java Analyst Programmer
China Oriental Press Group Mobile App Developer (Android/iOS)
China South China Morning Post Web Developer (Full-Stack)
US ABC Data Journalism Fellowship
US Chicago Public Media Senior Editor, Digital News
US NPR Senior Digital Analyst
US Pew Research Center User Experience Specialist
US Texas Tribune Engagement Producer

Other opportunities:

Deadline Fund
Rolling Solutions Journalism Network Freelance Fund
Rolling Ukraine Media Development Fund
Rolling Contest fees for submitting solutions stories
May Emerging City Champions 2019 $500k fellowship
May Apply for ProPublica’s 2019 Data Institute training
May Investigative journalism award for Eastern Europe & Balkans
May U.S. grant for an org to teach media literacy across South Africa
June Raif Badawi Award for human rights coverage in muslim majority countries
June Project funding from UN around media, women, rule of law & human rights in Jordan

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