Hacks/Hackers tests pilot program promoting diversity

Jun 9, 2019

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Hello, hacks and hackers! MozFest is turning 10 this year, and they just opened their call for session proposals. The conference will take place October in London. Submit your proposals here by August 1.

In other news, Hacks/Hackers is launching a new pilot program. We want to see more diversity at the center of journalism and technology, and are looking for partners who could arrange conference travel, small fellowships, outreach, or any number of other projects that encourage diversity.

You can find the application here, so please let other orgs know. Reach out to us with any questions about the program.

Happening this week:

Worth a read:

  • GIJN’s newest guide is on how to track planes around the world and gives tips on how to use that data for reporting (GIJN)
  • The Knight Foundation and Gallup have been collaborating for the past couple years on their Trust, Media and Democracy Initiative, and just released a podcast called Out of the Echo Chamber: Rebuilding Trust in News to talk about their ongoing research (Knight Foundation & Gallup)
  • ProPublica’s Nonprofit Explorer, a searchable database of Form 990 documents, now has the ability to search not only by people or organization, but also the full text of the document itself (ProPublica)

Upcoming events:

Month Day City Country Event
June 11-14 Tunis Tunisia RightsCon Tunis
June 13-15 Athens Greece GEN Summit
June 13-16 Houston US Investigative Reporters & Editors Conference
June 19-21 Cape Town South Africa Global Fact-Checking Summit
June 27-29 Sao Paulo Brazil 14th Abraji Conference
June 28-29 Bangkok Thailand Mobile Journalism Conference Asia
July 1-2 Malaga Spain European Data and Computational Journalism Conference
July 1-5 Lausanne Switzerland World Conference of Science Journalists
July 4-6 London UK Investigative Journalism Summer Conference
July 9-10 Lisbon Portugal News Impact Academy: Diversify Your Revenue Streams
July 11-12 Minneapolis US SRCCON
July 19-21 Toronto Canada International Conference on Social Media & Society
August 6-10 Accra Ghana PyCon Africa
September 12-14 New Orleans US Online News Association Conference
September 26-27 Copenhagen Denmark News Impact Academy: Newsroom Leadership
September 26-29 Hamburg Germany Global Investigative Journalism Conference
October 4 Cambridge US Workshop on Disinformation at Harvard
October 4-5 London UK Conference for Truth and Trust Online
October 7 Birmingham UK News Impact Summit: A New Era for Climate Change Reporting
October 21-22 Bucharest Romania News Impact Academy: What Analytics Matter in 2019
October 21-27 London UK MozFest
October 28-30 Johannesburg South Africa African Investigative Journalism Conference
November 15 Lyon France News Impact Summit: Covering Politics in the Misinformation Age
December 6 Munich Germany News Impact Summit: Identity and Inclusion in Local News

Job openings:

Location Employer Opening
Australia Nature Science reporter
Russia Courrier de Russie Web designer
UK Thomson Reuters Data Visualization Developer
US ABC Senior Manager of Data Journalism
US The Arizona Republic Digital Producer
US CALmatters Interactives Developer
US Central Penn Business Journal Special Products Editor
US GateHouse Media Editor, Digital Audience Developer
US ICIJ Data Reporter
US Missouri School of Journalism Digital Innovation Editor
US NJ Advance Media Data Reporter
US ProPublica Story Production Fellows
US The State Projects Reporter
US U.S. News & World Report Senior Product Manager
US The Washington Post Product Designer

Other opportunities:

Deadline Fund
June Freelance IRE (FIRE) grants
June Raif Badawi Award for human rights coverage in muslim majority countries
June Project funding from UN around media, women, rule of law & human rights in Jordan
June Pitch your story ideas to The African Academy of Sciences
July Digital Integrity Fellowship Program
July Nominate work for the Free Press Awards
August Nominate work for the AAAS Science Journalism Awards
Rolling Solutions Journalism Network Freelance Fund
Rolling Ukraine Media Development Fund
Rolling Contest fees for submitting solutions stories

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