Gamifying fake news

Jul 9, 2019

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Hello, hacks and hackers! Check out the “fake news” game, data viz textbook and other new tools and resources in this week’s “Worth a Read”:

Worth a read:

  • Cambridge researchers developed a browser game that puts users into a role as a news producer where they have to learn how to spot fake news (Nature)
  • A data scientist used Python and open data to build an interactive map of all food/drink places in Edinburgh with outdoor seating, and she documented her process (Towards Data Science)
  • Claus Wilke wrote an entire textbook on data visualization in R Markdown using RStudio as his text editor, it’s also available as a hard copy (Fundamentals of Data Visualization)

Upcoming events:

Month Day City Country Event
July 9-10 Lisbon Portugal News Impact Academy: Diversify Your Revenue Streams
July 11-12 Minneapolis US SRCCON
July 19-21 Toronto Canada International Conference on Social Media & Society
August 6-10 Accra Ghana PyCon Africa
September 12-14 New Orleans US Online News Association Conference
September 26-27 Copenhagen Denmark News Impact Academy: Newsroom Leadership
September 26-29 Hamburg Germany Global Investigative Journalism Conference
October 4 Cambridge US Workshop on Disinformation at Harvard
October 4-5 London UK Conference for Truth and Trust Online
October 7 Birmingham UK News Impact Summit: A New Era for Climate Change Reporting
October 21-22 Bucharest Romania News Impact Academy: What Analytics Matter in 2019
October 21-27 London UK MozFest
October 28-30 Johannesburg South Africa African Investigative Journalism Conference
November 15 Lyon France News Impact Summit: Covering Politics in the Misinformation Age
December 6 Munich Germany News Impact Summit: Identity and Inclusion in Local News

Job openings:

Location Employer Opening
UK BBC Senior Software Engineer
UK CGTN Digital UI Designer
UK Sportradar Sports Data Journalist
US FiscalNote Director, Data and Visualization
US FiveThirtyEight Visual Journalist
US FiveThirtyEight Senior Visual Journalist
US Kaiser Health News Digital Producer
US NPR UX Research Internship
US The Philadelphia Inquirer Senior Product Designer
US Reuters Data Visualization Developer
US Washington Post FOIA Director
US Washington Post Newsletter Graphics Editor
US Washington Post Researcher

Other opportunities:

Deadline Fund
July 11 ONA MJ Bear Fellowship for young journalists to attend conference
July 15 Digital Integrity Fellowship Program
July 15 Nominate work for the Free Press Awards
July 21 LEDE Fellowship
July 22 Google News Initiative Innovation Challenge
August 1 Nominate work for the AAAS Science Journalism Awards
August 31 Grant for UAV drone data innovations
September 23 FIJ grant to cover US-focused watchdog stories
Rolling Solutions Journalism Netw Freelance Fund
Rolling Ukraine Media Development Fund
Rolling Contest fees for submitting solutions stories

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