Media Party is this weekend

Aug 25, 2019

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It’s here, hacks and hackers! Media Party, the biggest HH event in the world, kicks off Thursday in Buenos Aires.

Media Party gathers around 2,500 journalists, developers, designers and entrepreneurs from around the world to talk about journalism and its future. You can still register for it on the HH Buenos Aires Meetup page.

Happening this week:

Worth a read:

  • ProPublica compiled a guidebook on collaborative journalism to make it easier for newsrooms to work together in tackling big datasets (ProPublica)
  • Five Latin American journalists launched the Latin America Center for Investigative Journalism which hopes to “tackle transnational issues like large-scale corruption and illegal or abusive practices” (Knight Center)
  • Ever get into a funk where you feel uninspired by your work? One suggestion from NYT is to take a break from your day to list out things you’ve done that have helped your coworkers to remember your work has impact (New York Times)

Upcoming events:

Month Day City Country Event
August 29-31 Buenos Aires Argentina Media Party
September 9-10 New Orleans US ASNE News Leaders Conference
September 11 New Orleans US Workshop: How Any Journalist Can Earn Trust
September 12-14 New Orleans US Online News Association Conference
September 16-20 Fukoka Japan W3C TPAC
September 26-27 Copenhagen Denmark News Impact Academy: Newsroom Leadership
September 26-29 Hamburg Germany Global Investigative Journalism Conference
October 4 Cambridge US Workshop on Disinformation at Harvard
October 4-5 London UK Conference for Truth and Trust Online
October 7 Birmingham UK News Impact Summit: A New Era for Climate Change Reporting
October 14-16 Ljubljana Slovenia IPTC Autumn Meeting
October 21-22 Bucharest Romania News Impact Academy: What Analytics Matter in 2019
October 21-27 London UK MozFest
October 23-25 Munich Germany Medientage Munchen
October 28-30 Johannesburg South Africa African Investigative Journalism Conference
November 15 Lyon France News Impact Summit: Covering Politics in the Misinformation Age
December 6 Munich Germany News Impact Summit: Identity and Inclusion in Local News

Job openings:

Location Employer Opening
US Axios Data Viz Editor
US EducatioNC Audience Engagement Specialist
US EducatioNC Visuals and Interactives Editor
US Digital Data Reporter
US Los Angeles Times Deputy Editor, Data and Graphics
US NBCUniversal Data Viz & Multimedia Producer
US Senior Data Reporter
US NYT Newsroom Software Engineer
US NYT Senior Product Designer
US Philadelphia Inquirer Graphic Artist
US WSJ Election Security/Cybersecurity Reporter
US WSJ Graphics Editor
US WSJ Visuals Editor

Other opportunities:

Deadline Fund
August 31 Grant for UAV drone data innovations
September 2 Berlin fellowship for reporting on internet issues
September 2 GNI Innovation Challenge for Middle East, Africa & Turkey
September 8 Brazilian Data Journalism Award
September 23 FIJ grant to cover US-focused watchdog stories
September 27 Apply to be a Knight Visiting Nieman Fellow
Rolling ECFJ grants for stories on elections, AI, disinformation, etc.
Rolling Solutions Journalism Network Freelance Fund
Rolling Ukraine Media Development Fund
Rolling Contest fees for submitting solutions stories

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