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Jan 5, 2020

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Happy 2020, hacks and hackers! Our first global open call of the decade is coming up on Wednesday! Feel free to tune in to hear what’s going on in HH chapters and share what’s going on in yours.

Also, along with our partners at Mozilla and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, Hacks/Hackers will be hosting MisinfoCon @ NASEM in Washington, D.C. The event will take place on February 22nd, and registration is open now.

Worth a read:

  • From the viral “Try to impeach this” U.S. county map of the 2016 election, to Salesforce and Google’s multi-billion dollar purchases of Tableau and Looker, data visualization has become more and more mainstream throughout 2019 (Nightingale)
  • If you need a reminder that your work has impact, GIJN compiled a list of the 15 most influential pieces of U.S. journalism including historical pieces like the Federalist Papers to modern ones like The New Yorker’s expose on Harvey Weinstein (GIJN)
  • Towards Data Science made a handy list of 5 Python features you may not know about so you can enter 2020 with a little more efficiency in your code (Towards Data Science)

Upcoming events:

Month Day City Country Event
February 18-20 Chiang Mai Thailand Splice Asian Media Conference
March 5-8 New Orleans US NICAR Conference
March 20-21 Boston US Computation + Journalism Symposium
March 20-22 Boston US Power of Narrative
April 1-5 Perugia Italy International Journalism Conference
May 14-17 Mechelen Belgium EIJC & Dataharvest
June 2-5 Seoul South Korea International Anti-Corruption Conference
June 9-12 Heredia Costa Rica RightsCon
June 18-21 National Harbor US IRE Conference
June 24-27 Oslo Norway Global Fact 7

Other opportunities:

Deadline Fund
January 15 Disinformation fellowship for journalism students
January 31 Grad school scholarship for journalists in Latin America
April 3-5 Information Ethics Roundtable in Boston
Rolling ECFJ grants for stories on elections, AI, disinformation, etc.
Rolling Solutions Journalism Network Freelance Fund
Rolling Ukraine Media Development Fund
Rolling Contest fees for submitting solutions stories

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