It's Media Party time

Guess what, hacks and hackers! Some of the year’s biggest gatherings are coming up soon. The Buenos Aires group got together Friday to plan some last-minute details of Media Party later this month, which is probably the biggest Hacks/Hackers event in the world. ¿Querés ser parte de la organización del evento que reinicia el periodismo y los medios de comunicación?📣 Esta noche, primer meetup de voluntarios y voluntarias de #MediaParty 2019😉

Aug 11, 2019

News nerd openings in the US

Hello again, hacks and hackers! If you want to move to the scenic Pacific Northwest US, the Seattle Times has got you covered. Check the Job Postings section of this newsletter for half a dozen news-nerd jobs, plus several more at the Times’ website. Jobs available at the @seattletimes: Data journalist Tech reporter Tech editor News apps developer Investigations editor Social justice columnist Investigative reporter Photo intern Education reporter Food writer

Aug 4, 2019

Knight invests in technology and democracy

Hi, hacks and hackers! The Knight Foundation just announced an enormous $50 million investment in the study of technology and democracy. This support helped establish a new Center for Information, Technology and Public Life at the University of North Carolina. For funds and resources you can access yourself, check out the Opportunities list at the bottom of this newsletter. The week ahead: Brisbane is discussing government surveillance Singapore is creating relatable data viz Worth a read:

Jul 28, 2019

SRC CON session shares

Welcome, hacks and hackers! If you missed it, SRC CON took place last weekend, and it’s one of the Hacks/Hackers-iest conferences out there. SRCCON starts this week, and we already want to welcome you to the After Party! @emmacarew developed an amazing toolkit to help you get the most out of attending a journalism event, and we're thrilled to be launching it in time for SRCCON 2019. — SRCCON (@SRCCON) July 9, 2019 You can find session transcripts, tips on using the sessions, and updates on the event itself on the Open News website.

Jul 21, 2019

MisinfoCon coming back in 2019

Greetings, hacks and hackers! MozFest is still accepting proposals for sessions at the open web festival, so get your pitches in. Heads up! We're accepting #mozfest session proposals now through August 1. Want to run a workshop on encrypted messaging? Or host a roundtable discussion about building better recommendation algorithms? Apply today: — Mozilla (@mozilla) July 9, 2019 And check out the wide array of Hacks/Hackers-type events all over the world at the bottom of this newsletter.

Jul 14, 2019

Gamifying fake news

Hello, hacks and hackers! Check out the “fake news” game, data viz textbook and other new tools and resources in this week’s “Worth a Read”: Worth a read: Cambridge researchers developed a browser game that puts users into a role as a news producer where they have to learn how to spot fake news (Nature) A data scientist used Python and open data to build an interactive map of all food/drink places in Edinburgh with outdoor seating, and she documented her process (Towards Data Science) Claus Wilke wrote an entire textbook on data visualization in R Markdown using RStudio as his text editor, it’s also available as a hard copy (Fundamentals of Data Visualization) How I Used Python and Open Data to Build an Interactive Map of Edinburgh’s Beer Gardens https://t.

Jul 9, 2019

Introducing Hacks/Hackers Seoul

Hey everyone, please welcome the newest branch of the Hacks/Hackers family: Seoul just opened a chapter in conjunction with Data Journalism Korea. They had their first event on Friday and are taking new members on their Meetup group. Worth a read: Slack, a communication app that many newsrooms and tech teams have relied on for the past few years, just became a publicly traded company (Nieman Lab) The New York Times created a publicly available data boot camp to teach its reporters some data journalism basics like navigating spreadsheets, analyzing data and translating the findings into impactful stories (The New York Times) Jeremie Harris, the co-founder of a startup geared at mentoring data scientists, compiled a checklist of necessary skills data scientists need to know to be able to land jobs, which comes in handy for data journalists too (Towards Data Science) Upcoming events:

Jun 30, 2019

Data Journalism Award winners announced

We’re halfway through the year, hacks and hackers! The Data Journalism Awards were presented this weekend at the GEN Summit in Athens, and the IRE Conference took place in Houston, Texas. Congratulations to the nominees and winners of the 2019 @GENinnovate #DataJournalismAwards. Pleased to have represented the @GoogleNewsInit in #Athens to present an award this evening. Amazing entries from around the world. — Matt Cooke (@mattcooke_uk) June 14, 2019 You can see the DJA winners here and catch more lessons, tipsheets and more at #GENsummit and #IRE19.

Jun 16, 2019

Learn audience engagement techniques this summer

Hello, hacks and hackers! The Knight Center is offering a new course in audience engagement called “Know your audience: Strategies for increasing reach & engagement of your journalism” this summer. The course will run from July 15 to August 11 and is taught by the Texas Tribune’s chief audience officer Amanda Zamora. Find out more here. Worth a read: Twitter announced it will no longer attach locations to tweets, except for photos, striking a win for privacy but a loss for social media geolocation.

Jun 16, 2019

Hacks/Hackers tests pilot program promoting diversity

Hello, hacks and hackers! MozFest is turning 10 this year, and they just opened their call for session proposals. The conference will take place October in London. Submit your proposals here by August 1. We know you’ve been preparing for this day all year...the call for #mozfest session proposals is officially open. We can’t wait to hear your ideas! — Mozilla Festival (@mozillafestival) June 5, 2019 In other news, Hacks/Hackers is launching a new pilot program.

Jun 9, 2019